The pilot run of the production line with an annual output of 200 tons of glutathione was successful


On October 7th, when the autumn air was crisp and the frost leaves were drunk, our company ushered in an exciting moment: the company's comprehensive workshop was successfully completed and the trial production was successful!

This remarkable achievement is inseparable from the engineering staff working day and night on hardware construction, R & D personnel tirelessly researching glutathione process, trial production personnel working tirelessly to repeatedly debug the equipment, and other employees actively cooperating!

The comprehensive workshop is four floors high, with a construction area of 11,980 square meters, the overall layout is reasonable, the flow of people and logistics is separated, the ventilation is smooth, and it meets the requirements of GMP. Its glutathione production line has been successfully trial-produced, the product quality has reached the EU pharmacopoeia standard, and the annual output has reached 200 tons, which can not only provide customers with more high-quality, low-priced, high-efficiency products, but also the company's comprehensive competitiveness has been upgraded to a new height.

The company will, as always, adhere to the policy of "scientific and technological innovation, quality first", and is committed to using enzyme engineering technology to develop and produce biochemical APIs to further meet the growing market demand at home and abroad.


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