What are the applications of polyinosinic acid


The diversity of species brings with it the colorful diversity of the world. Let the world be filled with a variety of different species, form a huge food chain system, create a pattern of clustering and interacting with things, and constantly update and develop the diversity of species. Because of this survival rule, polyinosinic acid becomes an antibody and blocker for virus transmission, which can avoid transmission between species, with serious consequences.

In the cold north, the dry, low-temperature climate and the effects of smog make people susceptible to influenza. Duration is accompanied by multiple complications that seriously affect human health. Not to mention that it is very contagious and can spread quickly from person to person. Without rapid professional isolation treatment, the impact on human travel and activities is enormous. Polyinosinic acid can better inhibit the survival of influenza virus, proceed quickly, make the virus disappear quickly, spread less, and restore the patient's health.

Polyinosinic acid prevents respiratory diseases. Whether it is dry and cold, poor air quality, humid heat or other problems, it is often said that for people who smoke for a long time, the respiratory system is easily inflamed, the lungs are greatly damaged, and symptoms such as cough, phlegm, and retching often occur. Long-term and even development. Polyinosinic acid is specially formulated to have a thorough preventive effect on the entire respiratory tract. It is effective in preventing the evolution of this disease.

Polyinosinate keratitis, pelvic inflammatory disease and other fields. We often see people with bloodshot eyes, it is difficult to get rapid treatment, bringing unimaginable consequences to people's body and mind; There are stubborn viral diseases such as hepatitis, and there are also highly contagious diseases. The general treatment of these diseases does not achieve any efficacy, and mandatory measures need to be taken, and the use of polyinosine acid for intervention can generate resistance in time, alleviate virus invasion, and prevent derivatives from landing. Harmful cells are engulfed in large quantities with phagocytes to cure hepatitis or prevent its infection.


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