Precautions for Polyinosinic Acids


As a highly efficient interferogenic molecule, polyinosinic acid can effectively interfere with harmful molecules and kill their nucleotide core. Harmful molecules can be quickly eliminated or even not revived, so polyinosinic acid can be developed into various forms of drugs to prevent the occurrence of effective high incidence and cross-infection. It can be made into granular medicine, easy to drink directly to diseases through water, and can also be made into a liquid for direct use, which is more efficient to use directly.

Application of polyinosinic acid spray. Sprays are common for us. Fruit trees bear fruit that need to be sprayed with pesticides, and special chemicals are required for special periods. The special spray for crops produced can spray crops well, greatly improve the fruit set rate and insect resistance, and achieve the effect of large-scale production and high yield. For the human body, at present, it is mostly a chronic disease, and once the onset is very urgent. Only spray can maintain normal survival, special spray can alleviate at a fast speed, reduce life danger, and ensure normal order and life.

The use of polyinosinic acid drugs can bring about the resolution of any symptoms, but they are strong hormones, and a large amount of use can lead to adverse consequences such as nervous disorders, insomnia, and depression. Therefore, the use of molecular preparations must have a specified scope and precautions.

1. People who are allergic to molecular reagents are prohibited from using them, so as not to cause chemical and physical reactions, harm health or even death;

2. Patients with high blood pressure, diabetes, hyperlipidemia and heart disease should use this drug with caution. This medicine will cause certain pressure and weakening of internal organs, aggravating the three highs;

3. Pregnant women are prohibited with high-hormone drugs, which have a greater impact on the fetus, affect the growth and development of the fetus, and easily cause fetal malformations or premature death;

4. Children should use with caution. Because the child's resistance is poor, the body functions are constantly developing. If necessary, you must obey the doctor's request, otherwise it will cause disaster.


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