The function of polyinosinic acid


The diversity of species brings the colorful diversity of the world. The world is full of different species, forming a huge food chain system, creating a pattern of gathering things together and dividing people into groups, interacting with each other, and allowing species diversity to be constantly updated and developed. It is precisely because of this survival rule that polyinosinic acid has become a powerful antibody and blocking agent for virus transmission, avoiding mutual transmission between species and causing serious consequences.

The effect of polyinosinic acid on influenza. In the cold north, with the dry and low temperature climate and the influence of haze, people are prone to catching the flu. It is accompanied by multiple complications for a long time, which seriously affects human health. What's more, it is highly infectious and can quickly communicate with people. For human-to-human infection, if rapid professional isolation treatment is not carried out, it will have a huge impact on human travel and activities. Polyinosinic acid can better inhibit the survival of influenza virus and proceed quickly, so that the virus disappears quickly and less spreads. The patient is beneficially restored to health.

Polyinosinic acid for the prevention of respiratory diseases. Whether it is dry and cold, poor air quality, hot and humid, or other problems, once suffering from a respiratory disease, it will interfere with people's peace on a large scale. People often say and take it through the mouth. For long-term smokers, the respiratory system is easily inflamed, the lungs suffer greater damage, and often cough, phlegm, and retching. This has even developed for a long time. Polyinosinic acid through a special formula has a thorough preventive effect on the entire respiratory disease, and this vaccine can effectively prevent the evolution of this disease.

The role of polyinosinic acid keratitis, pelvic inflammatory disease and other fields. We often see people's eyes full of bloodshot eyes, it is difficult to get quick treatment, and it brings unimaginable results to people's mind and body; women who have given birth to children are more prone to pelvic inflammation, which makes life worse than death and restless. There are also stubborn viral and highly infectious diseases such as hepatitis. The ordinary treatment of these diseases cannot achieve any curative effect. It is necessary to adopt compulsory advanced methods and use polyinosinic acid to interfere, which can produce resistance in time, relieve virus invasion, and prevent The landing of the derivative body. Using phagocytes, a large number of harmful cells are swallowed to cure hepatitis or make it non-infectious. It will also be treated with a combination of Chinese medicine and Western medicine.

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